Our objectives and principles

« The cyber threat that we are seeing is very real and very serious. Sophisticated attacks on networks that underpin our society can be carried out from anywhere in the world. The most effective defences for governments and private sector alike are through enhanced collaboration and trust. A robust NATO Industry Cyber Partnership is key to counter threats we face and increase our collective resilience. »

– Mr Koen Gijsbers, General Manager, NCI Agency, September 2014.

As part of NATO’s efforts to strengthen its cyber defence, the NATO Industry Cyber Partnership will have the following objectives:

  • Improve cyber defence in NATO’s defence supply chain;
  • Facilitate participation of industry in multinational Smart Defence projects;
  • Contribute to the Alliance’s efforts in cyber defence education, training and exercises;
  • Improve sharing of best practices and expertise on preparedness and recovery (to include technology trends);
  • Build on existing NATO initiatives for industry engagement, providing specific focus and coherence on the cyber aspects;
  • Improve sharing of expertise, information and experience of operating under the constant threat of cyber attack, including information on threats and vulnerabilities, e.g. malware information sharing;
  • Help NATO and Allies to learn from industry;
  • Facilitate access by Allies to a network of trusted industry/enterprises;
  • Raise awareness and improve the understanding of cyber risks;
  • Help build access and trust between NATO and the private sector;
  • Leverage private sector developments for capability development, and;
  • Generate efficient and adequate support in case of cyber incidents.

« We have over these many years concentrated primarily on dealing with kinetic and physical threats like tanks and missiles; however today as an alliance we are taking on a less seen but very destructive threat from a new source… cyberspace. »

– GEN Breedlove, Supreme Allied Commander, Europe, June 2013.

NATO has a longstanding tradition of cooperation with industry. The NATO Industry Cyber Partnership will bring this engagement to the next level and in a coordinated fashion, thereby adding depth and making our cooperation more diverse. In this spirit, the NATO Industry Cyber Partnership is guided by a number of principles, including:

  • We will cooperate with the private sector for the primary purpose of reinforcing the protection of NATO’s own networks;
  • We welcome cooperation with the most innovative and capable enterprises of NATO nations. This cooperation should be open, transparent and inclusive; and,
  • We aim to create synergies by building on, reinforcing and providing coherence to existing initiatives with industry.